Join the Club

The Loch Rannoch Highland Club is one of the oldest holiday ownerships in the UK. It is arguably also one of the best if you’re looking for breathtaking views, relaxing calm waters or the option of climbing, cycling, exploring adventure! The club welcomes rentals from a minimum of 3 nights and also houses over 3,000 members per year in their favoured lodges and weeks. We pride ourselves on the brand being known for connections to nature, preserved natural beauty and outdoor adventure. We are the ‘hidden gem’ of the country, hidden out here in paradise, just waiting to welcome new members to the family.

Please have a read of our brochure, if you come for a visit and decide you’d like some of the perks of being an owner here, speak to our staff to find out how to become one of us. Why become an owner? I’m glad you asked. Loyalty cards for the area, the option to exchange your week to almost anywhere else in the world using one of our trusted companies, should you wish for a change of scenery, a place to build memories and pass the legacy down to your children, or even if that sounds like too much commitment, how about trying us out for 3/5 or 10 years on a holiday ownership? The same option to exchange applies. There’s an option to suit everyone here at the resort, so which one will you choose?