free parking


We all want our own little bit of personal space – somewhere that we can call ours. In the city, though, that space comes at a premium, and parking spaces in particular can become hotly contested. 

That is why at The Loch Rannoch Highland Club, we decided to take the stress out of your holiday even when it comes to parking. Designated spaces are available for each of our lodges, and there is also an overflow car park at our reception building opposite the medical centre, for your second or third vehicles.

  • Any damage caused to barriers, bollards, walls, buildings, lights, plants or anything else belonging to the resort, by vehicles manoeuvring in the car park, or access roads, will be charged in full to the owner of the vehicle.
  • The Loch Rannoch Highland Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles, or their contents, while parked within this car park.